Wine Research Team: Di Majo Norante

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In Molise wine as an ancient tradition. Here the vines were brought by the Samnites and successively by the Romans. The cultivating and vinifying methods are those which have been handed down generation after generation. In the southern Apennines the farming world has always had a great legagy of tradition and values. The Di Majo Norante winery is located to the North of the Gargano in Molise on the estate of the Marquees Norante of Santa Cristina. Since the 1800’s our ancestors have dedicated themselves to vine cultivation. Bearing witness to this are the ancient wine cellars under the main town square and the old palace in Campomarino. In the 1960’s a modern canteen was constructed, and vines were replanted in the Ramitello zone. This zone has northeastern exposure, constant breezes during the summer, a light limestone soil, and a slope toward the Sciabolone and Madonna Grande valleys, which all blend together to create a particularly favorable environment for grape growing. At present there are approximately 100 hectares which have been cultivated. DI MAJO NORANTE uses in It’s production only estate grown grapes. They are cultivated without the use of chemical or synthetic additives. Thus yielding a product that can be considered biological. We have combined our passion and love for the grapes with the most advanced technology, this applies to both our farming methods, and to our production facilities. With all this in mind, we allow ourselves to respect and conserve the characteristics of the Mediterranean grape blends, which are thus vinified keeping in mind the respect of traditions coupled with the advancements in modern winemaking.