Wine Research Team: La Guardiense

Download scheda vino: CALVESECOSTE DEL DUCA


  • 50 years of cooperation and wine history;
  • 1000 members;
  • 2000 hectares of vineyards;
  • 240,000 hectoliters of wine (average last 3 years);
  • 4 product lines: Janare, Fremondo, Classica and Sparkling Wines;
  • 2 Main Grape varieties: Falanghina and Aglianico;
  • 1 famous winemaker Riccardo Cotarella

La Guardiense is situated in Contrada Santa Lucia of Guardia Sanframondi in the province of Benevento in a very particular southern Italian area.

The Farming Cooperative La Guardiense, one of the largest in Italy, was founded in 1960 by 33 farsighted and courageous pioneer, nowadays counts approximately one thousand associates.

These farmers cultivate and manage directly more than two thousand hectares of vineyards (average of two hectares per member) situated on hilly lands at an average altitude of about 350 meters a.s.l, enhancing the cooperative to produce yearly about 240 000 hectoliters of wine.

The Cooperative has been led along 5 decades by only 3 Presidents and has been constantly able to change and renew itself according to the changing of the times and the market habits, becoming rightly a symbol of the technological progress for the entire province of Benevento succeeding in combining experience and modernity.

VALUES: Respect for the past with a glance taken to the future.

  • Assisted by the extraordinary enological skills of Prof. Cotarella, La Guardiense has focused its efforts to the production of still and sparkling wines achieving constant and excellent quality standards.
  • It is the main and active promoter of the food and wine culture in Sannio.
  • It pays a great attention to environmental sustainability using and exploiting, for its production processes, renewable energy generated by its own innovative photovoltaic system.

Through its passion for the land, the respect of a past rich in history and attention to the changes that characterize our era, La Guardiense articulates its production, in a wide range of still wines available under three product lines: Guardiense Classica, Fremondo and Janare, and an equally important range of sparkling wines produced with Charmat and the Classical Method.
The brand Janare represents in a particular way, the real excellence of the winery, including wines from unique aromas, under the constant and diligent supervision of Dr. Cotarella who is considered one of the most famous Italian winemaker and current president of the Italian Oenologist Board. He has combined in each single bottle experience, technical and vocational skills of the territory, in order to produce wines that are currently considered among the best ones in Campania.

“La Guardiense is one of the 26 wineries participating to the ambitious Riccardo Cotarella’s project named “Wine Research Team” .
Our Falanghina “Calvese” and Aglianico “Coste del Duca” have been highly appreciated. Both grape varieties are the most representative for our area. With both wines, La Guardiense has followed its philosophy in naming important and innovative wines with place name: In fact “Calvese” for the Falanghina and “Coste del Duca” for the Aglianico with the maps draw on the front labels represent a section of the land of Guardia Sanframondi. These maps have been rescued on the manuscript “Ave Gratia Plena” dating back to the 18th century and guarded by the town administrator.
For the winery, the opportunity to be involved in a such innovative project together with other relevant wineries has represented a big step ahead in term of quality giving a fantastic perspective for a great future on both national and international markets.”