Wine Research Team: San Salvatore

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Our company was founded in the heart of the Cilento National Park , an ancient land , rich in history and tradition, never touched by intensive agriculture . The winery is located in the same area where the Ancient Greeks began the colonization of Magna Grecia and where for the first time brought Aglianico , Fiano and Greco grapes. Their vineyards were located in the same places where nowadays are located ours. Our philosophy is to produce wines respecting the nature and traditions and in our products carry the history and flavors of this land. Despite being a very young company, the first harvest was in fact in 2009 , San Salvatore is very tradition-bound peasant Cilento, respects the time and methods , combining them with the use of the latest technologies , thus favoring vocations of the land and nature of the place. Azienda Agricola San Salvatore has been certified organic by the European Union and adopts exclusively biological processes and biodynamic preparations. The company size is about 110 hectares, 23.5 with vineyards , the rest for olive groves , orchards, vegetable gardens and woodland, in order to maintain a natural balance in the earth. The vineyards are two, the first one and largest, is located in Cannito area, at the foot of Mount Calpazio that protects it from the elements, with a south-southwest exposure towards the sea ( not far ), which allows it to be kissed from the sun throughout the day and be caressed by the sea breeze. The second , also facing south- southwest , is in Stio Cilento, in the very heart of the national park, 500 meters above the sea, an altitude that was a challenge, but where we can cultivate very precious grapes. For this respect for nature, we minimize pollution and environmental impact, so for the boxes of our wines we only use recycled paper and we have build on the roof of the cellar a photovoltaic panels system that make us virtually autonomous, and reduce Co2 emissions in the air of about 6,800 Kg /A. As a tribute to these lands pristine and rich in history and tradition , we chose the buffalo to represent our company and our products bring the names of Cilento’s places important to us.
Jungano : local dialect name of Giungano, an ancient and small town where the winery is located.
Calpazio : from Calpazio Mountain, so important for our vineyard is part of Alburni Mountains, also known as the Cilento Dolomites
Trentenare : name in the local dialect of Trentinara , an ancient Roman town perched on the hilltops. In the vicinity of Trentinara Spartacus, the slave who challenge the Roman Empire was defeated and meet his end.
Vetere : from Magliano Vetere, a small town in Cilento . The word Vetere came from Vetus , “old” in Latin.
Pian di Stio : from Stio Cilento, where our second vineyard is located and where we grow the Fiano grapes used to produce this wine.
Cecerale : dialect name of Cicerale, a small town in Cilento. This place take its name from the historic production of chickpeas.
Joi : dialect name of Gioi Cilento, a small town in Cilento .
Corleto: from Corleto Monforte, a small town in Cilento. Corleto means happy hearth.
The Gillo instead is a tribute to Mr. Gillo Dorfles , professor of aesthetics at the University of Milan and Trieste , art critic, philosopher , writer, painter , one of the brightest minds of the Italian cultural scene . He’s a man of 103 years old, but I assure you that it is still very active . Mr. Dorfles is always on vacation in Paestum, in the Cilento that he love so much. Here he met the owner of the winery , Mr. Giuseppe Pagano, and a great friendship was born between those two men. Trying our products, he fell in love with these flavors and the philosophy of the winery San Salvatore , so he gifted us of 12 drawings, which we use for the labels of our best wine, one for each vintage. As a sign of gratitude, we have given his name to our most valuable reserve wine.

“Quality and naturality, these are the most important values for the Azienda Agricola San Salvatore. To produce wines that are more natural as possible we practice exclusively organic farming and we have been certified as organic. But we did not stop there of course. I am convinced that only through a constant search for perfection we can improve day by day. A search of quality, innovation, beauty understood as good and good understood as nice. I am convinced that things cannot be nice if they are not good and vice versa. So this spirit of experimentation is inherent in the philosophy of San Salvatore, to reach new and always better standards of quality. With a great excitement I joined the project Wine Research Team of my great friend, prof. Cotarella. An experimentation for the production of wines without added sulfites seemed the logical outcome of this will to produce natural wines of high quality. I am excited to be part of a team that always pushes further on, to be avanguard, which will go beyond the project WRT without added sulfites, to present always better news and innovations.”
Giuseppe Pagano