Wine Research Team: La Madeleine

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La Madeleine is a young winery that Linda and Massimo D’Alema run in their children’s name. The estate, purchased in 2008, was very different from how it is today: a large barn for rearing cows, a modern building which was barely stable surrounded by clay-rich soils and hardly any vegetation to be seen. Long and substantial work transformed both the look and use of those areas.

Of the old company only the name La Madeleine given by the previous owners remains. The name, which reminds us of the initials of Linda and Massimo, was one of the key factors in the owner’s decision to embark on this new adventure. They undertook the new project at a mature age with their children’s future in mind.

“Producing good wine isn’t just a question of soil and exposure. Of course these are the conditions without which one cannot even start an activity in this field but you also need something more: courage, vision, experience and science. We believe that only by innovating, experimenting and exploring new paths (and new “challenges”), can opportunities be created for the industry. And not only in terms of wine.”