Wine Research Team News: Vinitaly


The search for the best, not only the non-use of sulfur, but the bet on a technology increasingly less invasive provided to maintain the high quality of wines, with a sustainability “smart”, not ideological, especially grapes that give more than healthy. Total sterilization of all areas of processing of grapes and wine, and then a game of sudden changes in temperature for the yeast does work without the “noise”, sometimes harmful, bacteria that occur after the sugar has been transformed into alcohol . “Here, in a nutshell, in the words of Richard Cotarella (pictured, along with Minister of Agriculture Maurizio Martina, the producers” vip “Bruno Vespa, with CUTURI Masseria in Puglia, and Massimo D’Alema, with La Madeleine in Umbria, of which care wines, and even the producers “professionals” Marilisa Allegrini, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato Villa Sandi and Vincenzo Tassinari driving SAIAGRICOLA-Fonsai), the philosophy of “wine Research Team Project”, the celebrated wine guide for over 10 years, with the wines of the 23 companies involved in all of Italy (Allegrini, Carvinea, Castle Cigognola, Coppo, Di Majo Norante, Falesco, iGreco, La Gioiosa, the Guardiense, La Madeleine, La Murola, the Estates Farm del Cerro, Leo De Castris, Logodaj, Moncaro, Poggio Le Volpi, Poggio San Polo, San Patrignano, San Salvatore, Tenuta di Frassineto, Terre De La Case, Trequanda, and Villa Matilde Villa Sandi), in tasting yesterday in Milan .

“We started the first experiments in 2003-2004 with a few liters of wine, we are now in production levels important, both in volume and in quality, and with good aging potential. But the project is in continuous updating, looking for better results. ”

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